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D’Souza Spearheads Nationwide Conservative Business Network Launch

Conservative luminary Dinesh D’Souza has announced the forthcoming launch of the Red Referral Network (RRN), an innovative conservative business platform set to debut in early 2024. As the RRN is in its pre-launch phase, thousands of conservatives are already registering for free at, indicating a growing interest in this unique initiative.

D’Souza emphasizes several primary focal points for the RRN. Firstly, it aims to bring together conservative business individuals locally to foster mutual sharing of business referrals. He questions the rationale behind conservatives continuing to support businesses owned by individuals with contrasting ideologies, suggesting that such patronage indirectly contributes to funding leftist political agendas. He urges conservatives to reevaluate their spending habits, highlighting the substantial financial support extended to local leftist businesses, which often surpasses that directed towards major corporations like Disney or Starbucks.

Secondly, the RRN intends to serve as a platform for conservatives to find encouragement and support within their community. D’Souza underscores the importance of banding together in the face of relentless opposition from the left, providing a space for conservatives to connect and strengthen one another amidst ongoing societal and political challenges.

Moreover, D’Souza pledges to provide exclusive insights and information to RRN members, delivering weekly messages aimed at galvanizing action to combat what he views as the left’s encroaching tyranny. This content will be exclusively available to the RRN community, offering them thought-provoking perspectives and urging them towards proactive engagement to safeguard the country’s future.

D’Souza draws attention to the prevalent practice among various communities—such as Mormons, Hindus, Jewish, and Amish people—of preferentially doing business with like-minded individuals who share similar values and beliefs. He emphasizes that this inclination is inherent and suggests that it is time for conservatives to adopt a similar approach. By consciously supporting businesses aligned with their principles, D’Souza believes conservatives can significantly reduce financial resources flowing into leftist circles, thus undermining their ideological dominance.

Additionally, the RRN will extend various benefits to its members, including access to health sharing options, business coaching, exclusive webinars featuring leading conservative figures, politicians, and influencers, among other offerings. This network aims to provide a comprehensive support system for conservatives across various spheres, fostering a sense of unity and empowerment within the community.

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