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Elon Musk Fires Back at Biden Over Border Crisis!

Billionaire Elon Musk took a stand against President Joe Biden’s response to the ongoing border crisis, asserting that the blame should not be shifted to Congress but lies with the administration’s policies. President Biden, in a statement, emphasized the need for funding to address the border situation, including additional resources like border patrol agents, immigration judges, and inspection machines. Musk, however, argued that an executive order, not new legislation, is the key to resolving the crisis, particularly by requiring proof before granting an asylum hearing.

Musk dismissed the idea of constructing a border wall, calling it a distraction from the real issue. According to him, the core problem lies in the lax asylum process, where individuals can claim asylum without providing any evidence. He asserted that the Border Patrol is instructed to facilitate large-scale illegal entries into the United States, contributing to an open-border scenario.

The billionaire entrepreneur’s perspective aligns with the belief that Biden’s policies lean toward open borders, a sentiment echoed by others, including conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. Shapiro emphasized the constitutional duty of the president to protect the nation’s borders and criticized Biden for what he sees as a failure to fulfill this obligation. He drew parallels between Biden’s approach to border security and a mayor abandoning crime policing in a city, highlighting the fundamental role of the federal government in safeguarding the country and its citizens.

In this conservative narrative, Musk and Shapiro converge in their criticism of the Biden administration, focusing on the need for decisive executive action to address the border crisis rather than legislative measures and highlighting the potential dangers posed by lax border policies.

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