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Explosive: Hunter Biden Tax Probe Heats Up in California!

Special Counsel David Weiss has turned the spotlight on Hunter Biden for suspected tax violations in California, as reports emerge of subpoenas being issued for James Biden via a Los Angeles grand jury. Individuals familiar with the investigation revealed to CNN that James Biden and a former associate of Hunter Biden have received subpoenas in recent weeks. However, the scope of the inquiry remains uncertain, raising questions about potential inquiries beyond tax matters, such as violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

The use of a Los Angeles grand jury, while confirming the ongoing nature of Weiss’s investigation into Hunter Biden, prompts queries about the timing of this development, given that the probe began five years ago. Despite Weiss’s previous statements asserting the continuity of the investigation, the recent grand jury escalation adds a layer of complexity to the case. In July, during a hearing on a plea deal for Hunter Biden involving tax evasion charges, Weiss refused to rule out the possibility of bringing charges related to tax and FARA violations against the president’s son.

Subsequently, Weiss indicted Hunter Biden on three gun-related offenses. However, IRS whistleblowers alleged that the Justice Department intervened twice, obstructing Weiss from pursuing stronger charges against Hunter Biden in different jurisdictions, suggesting potential political interference in the investigation. The whistleblowers claimed that the DOJ prevented Weiss from bringing charges against Hunter in both D.C. and California, as reported by The New York Times in June.

During a closed-door session on Capitol Hill in October, Weiss faced questioning from lawmakers about various aspects of the probe, including an incident involving U.S. Attorney Martin Estrada of California, who expressed reluctance to collaborate with Weiss on the Hunter Biden investigation in his district. Weiss asserted that he faced no obstruction or prevention from pursuing charges or necessary steps in the investigation by other U.S. Attorneys, the Tax Division, or any Justice Department official.

However, skepticism persists among Republicans regarding Weiss’s handling of the case. Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA) highlighted concerns about the misdemeanor plea bargain offered to Hunter Biden, despite alleged felony-level offenses, underscoring the lack of clarity in Weiss’s explanations and raising suspicions of external influences or consultations affecting the investigation.

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