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Explosive Probe: House Republicans Dig into Leaked NSA Glossary

House Republicans have launched an inquiry into a leaked glossary containing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) terms circulated within the National Security Agency (NSA). Representatives Mike Waltz and Jim Banks expressed deep concern about the glossary, highlighting its “incoherent” definitions of gender, race, and capitalism that could potentially impact the hiring and contracting procedures within the intelligence agency.

In a letter addressed to NSA Director Paul Nakasone, the lawmakers sought information on the individual responsible for disseminating the glossary, inquiring about disciplinary actions and the timeline of its removal from circulation. They emphasized the need for oversight to ensure the NSA’s focus remains on countering threats to U.S. interests and national security.

The leaked glossary reportedly contains terms associated with social justice, such as “white fragility,” “settler colonialism,” and advocacy for critical race theory by authors Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi. Congressman Waltz, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, confirmed the document’s authenticity.

The glossary also encompasses terms like “AFAB/AMAB,” “genderqueer,” and “dragqueen/king,” and raises concerns about the NSA’s official stance on capitalism, with the definition it contains being described as “an economic and political order that relies on a mostly-private, unequal market system of production and consumption.”

Additionally, the inquiry delves into the meanings of “structural racism” and “equity,” questioning whether the practices within the NSA are aligned with these definitions, particularly regarding differential treatment based on race.

The lawmakers raised further inquiries into the concept of “neocolonialism,” its application, and whether these definitions reflect official U.S. policy towards developing nations, expressing worries about potential adverse impacts on national security.

Congressman Matt Gaetz criticized the NSA on his podcast, condemning the glossary’s content as “bigoted, insane nonsense.” He voiced concerns about potential intrusions into citizens’ private communications, speculating whether the NSA might flag messages supporting certain beliefs as “extremist,” thus potentially compromising personal freedoms.

As of now, representatives for the NSA have not responded to requests for comment regarding the leaked glossary and its contents.

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