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Judge Annihilates Oregon’s Latest Gun Control Attempt

The recent decision by a county judge in Oregon has sparked significant debate and discussion by overturning Measure 114, a citizen-passed initiative that restricted “high capacity magazines” and imposed permit requirements for firearm purchases, labeling these restrictions as unconstitutional and in violation of Oregon’s state constitution.

Judge Robert Raschio’s ruling declared Measure 114 as unconstitutional, emphasizing that the restrictions infringed upon citizens’ rights to bear arms, undermining their capacity for self-defense, and contradicting Oregon’s concealed carry permit procedures. This decision has provided a deadline of December 8 for the state to appeal; otherwise, the judgment will stand.

The case is anticipated to proceed to the Oregon Appeals Court, where the Oregon Firearms Federation expects a challenging battle, considering Judge Jim Egan’s prior controversial comments about gun owners. The Gun Owners of America has taken a prominent role in representing Oregon gun owners in this case, with local counsel Anthony Aiello leading the defense against numerous state lawyers supported by taxpayer funding.

Judge Raschio’s extensive 44-page decision determined the entirety of Measure 114 as unconstitutional under Oregon law, criticizing its provisions for magazine limits, gun purchase permits, and the mandated 30-day delay as imposing undue burdens on the constitutional rights of Oregonian gun owners.

The judgment dissected and discredited the testimony of the state’s top expert, an epidemiologist, who aimed to establish a link between firearms with capacities exceeding ten rounds and mass shootings. Judge Raschio dismantled the expert’s conclusions, branding them as not scientifically sound and accusing the expert of using misleading statistical methods designed to evoke emotion rather than offer factual insight.

Moreover, the judge highlighted the practical implications of Measure 114 on law enforcement, particularly rural sheriffs who rely on armed citizens in remote areas due to extended response times. The ruling exposed critical flaws in the scheme, citing an FBI refusal to conduct criminal background checks, rendering the permit-to-purchase scheme fatally flawed and unconstitutional.

Sheriff Cody Bowen’s testimony resonated deeply, emphasizing his dependence on an armed citizenry to complement law enforcement efforts, thereby advocating for the preservation of Second Amendment rights.

Overall, Judge Raschio’s decision to strike down Measure 114 underscored the fundamental importance of Second Amendment rights and emphasized the necessity of preserving citizens’ ability to exercise their right to bear arms for self-defense and public safety.

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