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Explosive Revelation: Shocking Truth Behind Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal

In a stunning revelation, the House Ways and Means Committee has presented new testimony from IRS whistleblowers, shedding light on alleged misconduct and preferential treatment given to Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden. This comes just days after Hunter Biden secured a favorable plea deal with the Justice Department to evade jail time for tax and gun crimes. Chairman Jason Smith confirmed the credibility of the whistleblower testimony, highlighting three crucial areas of concern.

Firstly, the whistleblowers expose the unequal treatment of taxpayers by the federal government when enforcing tax laws. Secondly, they reveal the Biden Department of Justice’s interference and overreach in the investigation of the president’s son. Lastly, the whistleblowers claim to have faced immediate retaliation for their actions. The testimonies make it clear that the IRS employees involved in the investigation into Hunter Biden had recommended charges against him for tax evasion, fraud, false statements, and willful failure to file returns.

The estimated unreported taxes amount to $2.2 million from global income sources in Ukraine, Romania, and China. Additionally, the whistleblowers provide details of foreign payments to Hunter Biden, including substantial sums from a Chinese company, a valuable diamond, and an expensive car. The evidence presented by the whistleblowers supports a strong case for tax liability on these payments.

However, the whistleblowers encountered internal obstacles and delays in their investigation, signaling a lack of independence and transparency. They also faced bullying and threats from defense counsel, creating a hostile environment. Of particular concern is the revelation that U.S. Attorney David Weiss, leading the Hunter Biden investigation, was repeatedly denied the opportunity to bring charges in various districts despite having the necessary authority. This raises questions about the integrity and consistency of the Justice Department’s handling of the case.

The whistleblowers made several attempts to raise their concerns internally at the IRS and with the Department of Justice prosecution team, only to face punishment and roadblocks in their unrelated investigations. Their bravery in coming forward and sharing their testimonies with the Ways and Means Committee is commendable. Chairman Smith emphasizes that this committee is the only legal avenue to receive and disseminate their testimony to the House of Representatives.

Chairman Smith concludes that the American people deserve to know that criminal enforcement operates on a level playing field and that preferential treatment, such as that granted to Hunter Biden, would never be extended to ordinary Americans. The revelations brought forth by the whistleblowers underscore the urgent need for transparency, accountability, and equal treatment under the law.

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