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Federal Judge to Place Gag Order on Trump Ahead of Arrest

Ever since the news broke about his indictment, Donald Trump has been rising in the polls and getting a big boost in campaign donations, demonstrating that the whole banana-republic endeavor is backfiring spectacularly on the Leftist establishment that is determined to find something, anything, it can use to destroy Trump. So now a federal judge is moving to put an end to the Trump momentum by slapping a gag order on the candidate ahead of his anticipated arrest on Tuesday. Is a silent Trump a neutralized Trump? We shall see. And is such a gag order even legal? What do the Leftist elites care about that anymore, if they ever did?

The UK’s Daily Mail on Sunday quoted an anonymous source saying: “The Trump legal team now thinks that the Manhattan judge will take the unprecedented step of silencing the presidential frontrunner with an unconstitutional gag order tomorrow.” Trump’s team is not taking this lying down: “The Trump legal team is considering adding a First Amendment lawyer to the effort to combat this and will fight it all the way.” If the gag order is put in place, Trump could incur a fine and a prison sentence of up to a month for violating it. Read more…

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