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Florida’s Trump Revolution: Billboards Demand DeSantis Prioritize the Sunshine State

Roadside billboards bearing the message “Florida is Trump Country” have begun to appear in the Orlando area, signaling the fervent support for former President Donald Trump among conservative Floridians. These billboards are strategically placed ahead of the Florida Freedom Summit and are calling upon Governor Ron DeSantis to reconsider his 2024 presidential aspirations. The message is clear: Trump remains the preferred choice of Florida Republicans.

Florida Forged, the group behind these billboards, underscores the fact that current Florida Republican presidential primary polls unmistakably indicate Trump’s substantial lead over Governor DeSantis. With a significant 36 percentage point margin in favor of the former President, it is evident that Trump is the Sunshine State’s favored candidate for the presidency. The group contends that Governor DeSantis should heed the will of his constituents and unite with the majority supporting Trump.

Florida Forged’s statement highlights a concern that has resonated with many Floridians – DeSantis has been dedicating a substantial portion of his time out of the state, particularly during his second term. This absenteeism has raised questions, especially as Floridians are grappling with a substantial increase in insurance costs and the imposition of significant new state taxes. Many conservative voices argue that DeSantis should prioritize his responsibilities within the state and not aspire to a higher office before fully serving his constituents.

Furthermore, these billboards underscore the upcoming March 19, 2024, Republican primary in Florida, where Trump is expected to receive the state’s full slate of 125 delegates. The message is clear – Florida belongs to Trump, and the billboards serve as a reminder that DeSantis should heed the overwhelming support for the former President.

Recent national and Iowa polling data affirm Trump’s dominance within the Republican field, maintaining an insurmountable lead over his rivals. Nikki Haley’s emergence as a strong contender for second place in both national and Iowa polls has raised eyebrows, with Trump holding a commanding 47-point lead over his closest competitors. The polls reflect Trump’s enduring popularity among conservative voters, signaling a challenging road ahead for anyone seeking to challenge his supremacy in the Republican primary.

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