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Hamas Exposed: Gaza Hospital Rocket Strike Death Toll Discrepancy

The recent developments in the Israel-Gaza conflict have led to a reassessment of the initial claims made by Palestinian authorities. The evidence presented challenges the Palestinian narrative. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have provided substantial evidence showing that the explosion did not result from an aerial bomb and did not target the hospital; instead, it occurred in a parking lot. Intercepted communications from Hamas terrorists also indicated that the explosion was caused by a rocket fired by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Furthermore, U.S. intelligence agencies have confirmed the rocket launch from Palestinian fighter positions within Gaza using satellite and infrared data. European officials have also expressed doubts about the initially claimed casualty numbers, suggesting that the actual death toll is likely much lower than initially reported.

An Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs official, Lior Haiat, has criticized international media outlets for abandoning basic journalistic ethics and spreading misleading and false information originating from a campaign planned by Hamas. He argues that Hamas exploited the international media to promote its propaganda, leading to regional unrest and incitement to violence.

This perspective underscores the importance of responsible journalism and the need to verify information sources, emphasizing that reliance on a terrorist organization for news is a journalistic failure. It underscores the significance of unbiased reporting and the avoidance of disseminating information that may contribute to violence and unrest.

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