Here’s Who’s Leading Among 2024 GOP Voters for the Presidential Primary

One poll is an outlier. Two could be a possible trend. What about a dozen or so? Earlier in the week, I mentioned a national YouGov survey showing Republican-leaning voters now preferring Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to former President Donald Trump (way) ahead of the 2024 primaries. DeSantis led by seven points in the poll, a 16 point swing away from Trump in the span of one month. And what happened within that month is obvious and significant:

A slew of MAGA-aligned candidates lost or underperformed in an underwhelming midterm election for Republicans, while DeSantis won a blowout of shocking and historic proportions in Florida, securing re’election by an unfathomable margin of nearly 20 points. GOP-leaning voters seem to have noticed and internalized these developments. Read more…

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