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House Committee: Mayorkas Enriched Cartels? Shocking Republican-Led Investigation

The House Homeland Security Committee’s recent report on Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has unveiled a troubling picture of his leadership and its consequences. The report suggests that under Mayorkas’ guidance, the cartels have gained significant control over the southern border, resulting in increased smuggling of individuals and contraband.

The findings reveal that the cartels have turned illegal migrant smuggling into a billion-dollar industry, capitalizing on the surge in illegal immigration. In fiscal year 2022, Border Patrol recorded a record-breaking 2.2 million illegal migrant encounters along the southern border, indicating the gravity of the situation.

The report underscores that Mayorkas’ open-border policies have emboldened transnational criminal organizations (TCOs), including the cartels, as well as potential national security threats from countries that sponsor terrorism. The unsecured Southwest border has provided America’s adversaries worldwide, such as China and Russia, with opportunities to infiltrate the homeland.

Some House Republicans, including Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene, Pat Fallon, and Andy Biggs, have already filed articles of impeachment against Mayorkas. However, others are awaiting the conclusion of Chairman Mark Green’s investigation before deciding on impeachment, suggesting that there is growing concern within the Republican ranks about Mayorkas’ performance and its impact on national security.

DHS, on the other hand, places the blame on Congress and calls for immigration reform legislation as a solution to the border crisis. Despite these conflicting viewpoints, the report has raised serious questions about Mayorkas’ leadership and the need for concrete action to secure the nation’s borders and protect its security interests.

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