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How Many Innocent People Will Die Because of the Griner Deal?

Viktor Bout — “The Merchant of Death” or “The Lord of War” — is not a very nice man. He sells arms to groups that kill innocent people. And according to all accounts, he particularly loves killing Americans.

Just before he was arrested in a brilliant sting operation by the DEA in 2008, Bout told the informants who were just about to rat him out “that he had been fighting the U.S. for about 15 years and that the U.S. is an enemy,” and that “He was very eager and anxious to carry out this arms deal to kill Americans.”

Way to go, Joe.

Viktor Bout sold arms to just about any enemy of America who had the cash to pay him, including militants in Africa, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban. And now he’s free, and he owes Vladimir Putin and Russia big time. How do you think Russia is going to want to be paid back? Bout now belongs to Putin — lock, stock, and both barrels. Read more…

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