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Here’s What a Judge Told Philadelphia to Do With Columbus Statue

For over two years, the statue of Christopher Columbus in Philadelphia’s Marconi Plaza has sat inside a massive plywood box. As protests over the death of George Floyd and other racially tinged incidents roiled the nation, the city constructed a large box to cover the Columbus statue.

Mayor Jim Kenney, a Democrat (what a shock), wanted to get rid of the statue, ostensibly in the name of public safety, and started the ball rolling to remove the statue, which has been in place since 1876.

The city placed a notice on the statue that read:

Notice by City of Philadelphia: The Christopher Columbus statue has been a source of controversy in Philadelphia and areas across our country. Many are calling for the removal of the statue. The City understands their concerns and will be initiating a process for the Art Commission to review the statue, its location and its appropriateness in a public park. Read more…

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