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Huge Revelation! Biden Family’s Foreign Payments Exposed

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, recently announced that he expects to uncover more bank records related to the Biden family’s financial transactions. According to Comer, the known amount of money transferred from foreign nationals to President Biden and his family is set to reach an estimated range of “$20 to $30 million.”

In an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business Network, Comer emphasized that their investigation is focused on “following the money” and pledged to continue pursuing the truth. He confidently stated that more money transferred between foreign nationals and the Biden family will be uncovered, making it increasingly difficult for President Biden to explain these transactions.

Chairman Comer disclosed that the Oversight Committee has additional bank records forthcoming, which will shed further light on the flow of funds from foreign nationals to Biden family bank accounts. These transactions were allegedly facilitated through a network of shell companies established during Biden’s time as Vice President.

Comer estimated that the current tally of foreign funds documented by the Oversight Committee is expected to surpass $10 million, with the total potentially reaching between $20 and $30 million. Despite the significance of these findings, mainstream media outlets have largely ignored the story. Comer expressed his belief that even media outlets friendly to President Biden will eventually be compelled to question the origin and purpose of these substantial financial transfers.

Comer’s update follows Senator Chuck Grassley’s recent revelation that the FBI’s report on an alleged criminal bribery scheme involving Joe Biden and a foreign national includes evidence of recorded phone calls between Biden and the executive, as well as 15 tapes of calls involving Hunter Biden.

As these investigations continue to unfold, Republicans like Comer and Grassley are determined to shed light on the financial dealings of the Biden family. Their efforts aim to uncover the truth and ensure accountability, even if it means confronting uncomfortable questions about the President and his family’s financial activities.

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