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Hunter Biden Under Fire: Brace for Explosive Congressional Testimony

In a recent interview on Fox News, the new House Speaker, Mike Johnson (R-La.), disclosed that he is contemplating the possibility of subpoenaing Hunter Biden as part of the various House investigations into the Biden family’s alleged misdeeds. Johnson emphasized that these are “desperate times” that may warrant such measures and, although a final decision hasn’t been made, he believes it might be long overdue.

“We’re trying to move forward on some of this very aggressively,” Johnson stated. “I think the American people are owed these answers. And I think our suspicions about all this, the evidence that we have gathered so far, as you know, is affirming what many of us feared may be the worst.”

The previous House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), initiated an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden after revelations from House Republicans’ investigations into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, suggesting bribery and influence-peddling. This evidence included financial records indicating that the Bidens and their associates created over 20 shell companies to launder more than $24 million in payments from foreign entities, including China.

Speaker Johnson, like his predecessor, intends to focus on facts rather than politics in the impeachment inquiry. When asked whether this inquiry would lead to the actual impeachment of Joe Biden, he remained noncommittal, emphasizing the importance of following the truth where it leads.

“We don’t use this for political and partisan games, like the Democrats have done and did against Donald Trump twice,” Johnson emphasized. “We are going to follow the law and follow the Constitution. And I think we — you and I have a suspicion of where that may lead. But we’re going to let the evidence speak for itself.”

The recent testimony of former U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Scott Brady, before the House Judiciary Committee affirmed the credibility of allegations of bribery made against President Joe Biden by a longtime FBI informant. Polling data also indicates growing public skepticism regarding the legality of Hunter and Joe Biden’s foreign business dealings.

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