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Kamala Dodges, Fuels Speculation on Biden’s Future

Vice President Kamala Harris skillfully avoided delving into hypothetical scenarios about taking on the executive role in the event that President Joe Biden decides not to seek reelection in 2024. She emphasized that President Biden is very much alive and actively running for reelection, hence refraining from engaging in such speculation during an interview with 60 Minutes, which aired on Sunday.

President Biden’s age has drawn criticism from both Republicans and Democrats, especially after he announced his intention to seek reelection. At 80, he is the oldest president in U.S. history and would reach the age of 86 at the conclusion of a potential second term in 2028.

In the face of concerns about what would happen if Biden declined to run or faced incapacitation, Kamala Harris is considered a likely Democratic nominee or even the sitting president, causing frustration among Republicans. Critics have raised questions about her performance, particularly concerning the southern border, and her suitability for a leadership role. While some Democrats hesitate to designate her as the future of the Democratic Party, they acknowledge her effective job performance.

In her interview, Harris expressed her aversion to engaging in “parlor games” and underscored her commitment to her current role. She stressed the critical nature of the issues facing the nation, stating, “Our democracy is on the line,” and noted that she does not have the time for speculative discussions, given that President Biden is actively running for reelection.

When asked why the Biden-Harris ticket doesn’t hold a more significant lead over former President Donald Trump, Harris refrained from offering a political analysis. Instead, she emphasized her confidence in her and Biden’s continued tenure in office and the clarity of their choice. Harris expressed her conviction that they would emerge victorious, despite the anticipated challenges in the election.

Harris’s net approval rating stands at minus 16.8%, according to RealClearPolitics, while President Biden’s rating is only slightly better at minus 13.7%. Notably, in a hypothetical 2024 matchup, RealClearPolitics has former President Trump leading President Biden by a slim margin of 0.07 percentage points.

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