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Hunter’s Shocking Plea Deal Misses Major Crime Spree

The recent developments in the Hunter Biden case have left many conservatives scratching their heads. Hunter’s counsel confidently declared that the “five-year investigation” was effectively closed, despite the Justice Department claiming it is still ongoing. The controlled demolition of the scandal comes as no surprise, as the political and media elite have long sought to resolve the disaster that is Hunter Biden. His plea of guilty to minor tax violations, with no serious threat of jail time, is nothing more than a superficial resolution to a deeply troubling situation.

The diversion program that Hunter will be subjected to is a blatant insult to the intelligence of the American people. Despite reports that he is no longer an addict and has taken up painting, he will be treated as if he were a junkie picked up in a drug sweep. The narrative surrounding his case will conveniently focus on addiction rather than the corruption that plagues it.

Questions remain about the Justice Department’s claim of an “ongoing investigation” and their refusal to share material with Congress. It is suspicious that it took five years to investigate two minor tax counts and a gun allegation that could have been confirmed in a month. Furthermore, allegations of preferential treatment and the removal of an IRS whistleblower’s team from the case raise doubts about the integrity of the investigation.

The glaring omissions in the case are also concerning. Hunter Biden faced no charges for his involvement in interstate violations with prostitutes and drugs, despite videotaping himself engaged in these activities. The absence of any charges under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, a charge frequently used against associates of former President Donald Trump, is puzzling. The failure to investigate the expanding scandal surrounding the Biden family’s influence-peddling operation is another significant omission.

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s refusal to appoint a special counsel despite evidence of potential bribery and references to President Biden’s involvement only adds to the suspicion. It seems that the Justice Department successfully spent over five years investigating Hunter while avoiding the most significant allegations that could have implicated the White House.

The establishment in Washington appears uninterested in addressing the widespread perception of a two-tiered system of justice. Garland has failed to restore trust in the Justice Department, and public confidence in the institution continues to decline. The media’s burying of stories related to the evidence of payments to the Bidens further fuels skepticism. Even members of Congress, such as Rep. Daniel Goldman, praise Hunter for his so-called courage, completely disregarding the gravity of the allegations against him.

The fact that Hunter Biden managed to escape meaningful consequences for his actions, while simultaneously reducing his child support and persuading his daughter’s mother to drop the request for her to be called a Biden, speaks volumes about the state of justice in America. President Biden proudly stands by his son, but it is clear that this is a case of a privileged elite avoiding accountability. The 4-year-old daughter, Navy, experienced the consequences of this situation in court, reminding us that justice does not seem to apply equally to all.

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