Impeaching Biden: Why Stopping With Him Isn’t Enough

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s decision to initiate a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden is indeed a significant step, highlighting the serious and credible allegations of corruption surrounding the president. However, the urgency of addressing this issue goes beyond just impeaching Biden. It necessitates a thorough investigation into the corrupt federal law enforcement agencies that have been implicated in concealing evidence, covering up corruption, and obstructing inquiries into the Biden family’s business dealings.

The evidence uncovered so far suggests not merely a culture of corruption around Biden but outright corruption involving foreign oligarchs allegedly bribing then-Vice President Biden for policy decisions benefiting them. This scheme involved foreign entities hiring or contracting with Hunter Biden to gain access to Joe Biden, with money laundered through various shell corporations. Many individuals, including Hunter Biden’s former business partners, FBI and IRS whistleblowers, and a credible confidential FBI informant, have corroborated President Biden’s involvement in a vast international bribery scheme. An impeachment inquiry is not only justified but long overdue.

Yet, the Biden family’s corruption extends beyond the White House and permeates the executive branch, reaching the highest levels of Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Justice Department and the FBI. For instance, the FBI withheld an FD-1023 report from Congress for months, which contained the confidential FBI informant’s claim that Burisma paid both Hunter and Joe Biden $5 million each to influence the removal of a top Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma. The report was buried by select DOJ lawyers and FBI agents and concealed from IRS investigators examining Hunter Biden’s finances.

Furthermore, Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who delayed the Hunter Biden investigation for years, attempted to present a favorable plea deal for Hunter that included an immunity provision designed to shield him from future prosecutions related to his foreign influence-peddling activities. This provision, hidden within the diversion agreement, was offered by the DOJ, not Hunter’s defense team, revealing a concerted effort to obstruct the investigation.

Moreover, questions have arisen about Weiss’s actual authority to pursue the Hunter Biden investigation, as both Garland and Weiss insisted he had full authority, despite revelations by an IRS whistleblower indicating otherwise. This discrepancy raises concerns about the transparency and integrity of the investigation.

While the corruption surrounding the Bidens is deeply troubling, the complicity of a weaponized deep state within the Justice Department and FBI poses an even greater threat. To safeguard the American people from this tyrannical rogue government, a comprehensive impeachment inquiry must not only focus on Biden but also extend to Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray. This inquiry should seek to dismantle corrupt institutions and restore the rule of law, ensuring accountability and transparency in government.

In conclusion, addressing the allegations of corruption surrounding Biden requires a multi-faceted investigation that encompasses not only the president but also the federal agencies implicated in suppressing evidence and obstructing justice. It is imperative to protect the American people from a deep state that is willing to trample on the rule of law to maintain a corrupt president in power.

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