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Is America Ready to Elect the Living Dead?

Last month, social media buzzed with discussions about Presidentish Joe Biden’s choice of footwear, particularly his boat-anchor-like shoes designed to enhance stability and prevent falls. While some may find amusement in the shoe saga, it symbolizes a broader concern: the perceived fragility of Biden’s tenure in office. The Republican National Committee (RNC) seized on the opportunity, suggesting that Biden’s “handlers” compelled him to wear these shoes due to his frequent stumbling incidents, a claim denied by left-leaning voices. However, even outlets like “Inside Edition” admitted that Biden’s Hoka Transport shoes feature a wide sole aimed at enhancing stability, with unconventional pull-string laces further emphasizing functionality over fashion.

Biden’s footwear choice is merely the latest attempt to conceal signs of his advancing age and potential frailty. Reports suggest limitations on his mobility, such as avoiding stairs on Air Force One, and a work schedule reminiscent of a retirement community. This isn’t an attack on age per se—many may empathize with the need for supportive footwear—but rather a critique of whether Biden possesses the physical and mental acuity to serve another four years, a concern shared by a significant portion of the electorate.

A UK polling and research firm’s survey underscores this skepticism, with only 38% expressing confidence in Biden’s ability to complete a second term, compared to 54% for Trump. Furthermore, a significant 36% believe Vice President Kamala Harris could ascend to the presidency before 2029, highlighting doubts about Biden’s longevity in office. These findings reflect widespread uncertainty about Biden’s fitness for prolonged leadership, especially given his age and perceived decline in vigor since his vice presidency.

While COVID-19 may have provided cover for Biden’s low-key 2020 campaign, the landscape has shifted for 2024. The rationale for a “basement campaign” no longer holds, and scrutiny of Biden’s physical and cognitive faculties will likely intensify. Observers note a perceptible decline in Biden’s vitality compared to earlier years, raising concerns about his ability to weather the demands of the presidency for another term. Consequently, the refrain that “a vote for Biden is actually a vote for Harris” gains renewed relevance, underscoring the uncertainty surrounding Biden’s tenure and its potential implications for the future of the presidency.

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