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Is SCOTUS About to Annihilate the Administrative State?

The Supreme Court of the United States agreed on Monday to review a case that could take a major step toward reining in unaccountable federal bureaucrats and reducing the power and size of the bloated federal government.

The case that you’re likely to hear a whole lot more about in the days and weeks ahead is Loper Bright Enterprises vs. Raimondo. You’re also going to hear a lot more about “Chevron deference” (more on that below). The precedent will face scrutiny in the case as it has shielded federal agencies from review or accountability and allowed the administrative state to expand and act with impunity based on whatever interpretation of federal law a given administration prefers.

Essentially, Chevron deference means bureaucrats at federal agencies can read between the lines of non-specific laws – or pry the lines even wider than it seems the legislative branch may have intended – to fill in any ambiguities in a given statute and then receive deference from the courts based on an agency’s interpretation of a law. Read more…

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