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Jim Jordan’s Bold Move to Strengthen Israel’s Defense

Rep. Jim Jordan, one of the Republican candidates vying for the position of House Speaker, emphasized the urgency of electing a speaker promptly to provide Republicans with a unifying leader. Amid escalating hostilities in the Israel-Hamas conflict, Jordan expressed his commitment to ensuring that Israel receives the necessary support to secure victory against the Hamas insurgents.

Jordan stressed the importance of granting Israel the time, space, and resources to decisively defeat its adversaries and send a resounding message to those responsible for the attacks. He underscored the unique and enduring bond between the United States and Israel and the need to sustain and strengthen that relationship by assisting Israel in its efforts.

The congressman highlighted the concern that there may be pressure on Israel to exercise restraint in its response to the attacks, but he emphasized that the deliberate and malicious actions of Hamas warranted a robust response. Jordan drew attention to the significance of the attacks commencing on the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, a surprise attack on Israel by its Arab neighbors in 1973. He called for providing Israel with the necessary resources to put an end to these acts of violence.

Regarding the Speaker’s race, Jordan stated that he believed he was the candidate capable of unifying the Republican conference and effectively communicating their agenda to the American people. He expressed the belief that Americans were seeking strong leadership, which they felt was lacking in the Democratic-controlled White House and Senate.

Jordan outlined his first priorities if elected as Speaker, including introducing a resolution to support Israel, which he anticipated would garner bipartisan support. Subsequently, he emphasized the importance of addressing the spending bill and the continuing resolution set to expire on November 17, while also outlining a comprehensive plan for securing the necessary votes for Republican leadership.

In the race for Speaker, Jordan faces competition from Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., and expressed confidence in the support he is receiving within the Republican conference. As Chair of the House Judiciary Committee and a subcommittee investigating government agency weaponization, Jordan also indicated that his work in these areas would continue under new leadership, potentially including a subpoena of Hunter Biden.

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