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Kinzinger’s Meltdown: Blasts Mike Lee, Jan 6th Tapes

Senator Mike Lee’s reaction to the recently disclosed January 6th footage stirred quite the commotion, drawing responses from figures like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. As RedState detailed, Cheney’s attempt to counter Lee’s stance fell short, exposing vulnerabilities in her chosen narrative. Kinzinger, not to be outdone, embarked on a multi-post tirade, referring to Lee as “dough face.” His string of posts attempted to rebut Lee’s perspective, albeit with glaring shortcomings.

For Kinzinger, the inclusion of a Ukraine flag in one’s social media handle signals an impending dose of what he perceives as foolishness. However, his own response unwittingly unveils his hypocrisy. While acknowledging that certain individuals engaged in assaulting police officers and causing property damage, Kinzinger seems oblivious to the fact that most attendees were merely present, lacking any intention to break the law. His failure to acknowledge this broader context during his tenure on the January 6th committee raises questions about the committee’s commitment to transparency and full disclosure.

The committee’s reluctance to openly acknowledge that many present at the Capitol on January 6th were likely peaceful protesters seems to reinforce the narrative distortion prevalent in political discourse. Kinzinger’s attempt to now claim “we’ve been lied to” inadvertently implicates his prior lack of candor while in office. By overlooking the majority’s non-violent intent, he, along with Cheney and others, shaped a narrative seemingly for political expediency, manipulating events to wield maximum political advantage.

Kinzinger’s recent attack on Lee, using the term “dough face,” appears contradictory to his earlier concerns about political norms and decorum. His actions underscore a double standard, wherein he chastised others for disregarding conventions while engaging in similar behavior himself. Ultimately, his critique of Lee seems more akin to a display of hypocrisy rather than a substantial rebuttal.

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