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LA Business Owner’s Regret: Dems Wrecked Livelihood, Shocking Realization

The frustrations of small business owner Ryan Baggaley of Delta Construction and Electric Co. in Los Angeles shed light on the dire challenges faced by local businesses in the city. Baggaley expressed profound disappointment, holding Democratic officials such as L.A. Mayor Karen Bass, California Governor Gavin Newsom, and President Joe Biden responsible for the rampant criminal activities plaguing his community. The recent break-in at his business by a group of thieves served as a stark reminder of the deteriorating state of his neighborhood, once considered safe, now under the shadow of repeated robberies.

Baggaley’s disillusionment was palpable as he voiced his discontent, reflecting on his past voting choices that aligned with the Democratic Party. Expressing frustration and exasperation, he lamented the failure of the elected officials he had supported, highlighting the bleak reality faced by many small enterprises in the area. The incident starkly contrasted the promises made by these politicians with the harsh reality on the ground, leaving Baggaley feeling betrayed and disheartened.

The break-in, captured by surveillance footage, depicted a group of thieves brazenly entering Baggaley’s business premises, causing significant damage and theft of valuable equipment. Notably, the criminals had utilized a vehicle stolen from an LAPD impound yard to breach the property, further exposing the security lapses in the city. Despite Baggaley’s prompt notification and subsequent call to law enforcement, the delayed response from the police left him feeling abandoned and unprotected in the face of such criminal activities.

This incident underscores the struggle of business owners dealing with the aftermath of robberies and the lack of effective law enforcement response, despite promises from local officials. As the business community grapples with security concerns, Baggaley’s plight epitomizes the frustration felt by many who once believed in the promises of elected representatives but are now left questioning their choices and demanding tangible solutions to protect their livelihoods and communities.

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