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Libs of TikTok Drops the Truth About Schools and Predators

Two weeks ago you may have seen a lot of news segments surrounding Boston Children’s Hospital. Deleted videos and archived web pages pointed to the fact that they were providing “gender affirming” care to young people including puberty blockers, double mastectomies, phalloplasties, and hysterectomies.

The Left immediately seized upon the wording of one tweet in regard to hysterectomies and argued that it’s only done on 18-year-olds. Because they apparently think that’s okay. They attacked myself, Matt Walsh, Chris Elston, and Christina Buttons for a week straight. So much so that one would believe they are actually very much against “gender affirming” hysterectomies! Just as any sane person with a few brain cells would be.

This week we learned that that’s not the case. I dropped a bombshell report with a recording of 2 hospital employees admitting in no uncertain terms that they do hysterectomies on 16-year-olds and younger kids in the name of transgender healthcare. There were also archived web pages alluding to that fact. The media panicked. I couldn’t wait to see how they would spin this one.

It was revealed that Boston Children’s Hospital was promoting “gender affirming” surgeries for minors through a video series on their YouTube channel. These videos showed doctors giving details on cosmetic surgeries that have extremely high rates of complication, such a double mastectomies for healthy breasts, full hysterectomy of healthy reproductive systems, the reshaping of penile tissue to appear as the genitals of the opposite sex, and the shaping of “flaps” or pieces of flesh from arms or legs into phalluses that are then surgically added to females. Read more…

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