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“Racist” Bakery Wins in Court Against Fanatical Leftists

Gibson’s Bakery, a family-owned bakery that has operated in Oberlin, Ohio, since 1885, received a major win in its ongoing feud with Oberlin College, which encouraged and supported students and faculty falsely accusing the bakery of racism in 2016.

A jury had awarded the bakery $36 million in damages after Oberlin’s sustained campaign against the shop, and the college fought the verdict with every tool at its disposal. The state Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to hear Oberlin’s appeal, meaning the school will finally have to pay the bakery it has nearly put out of business.

“Truth Still Matters, David can still overcome Goliath. We and the Gibson family are gratified that all judges on the court of appeals and the majority of the Ohio Supreme Court recognized the rights of individuals rather than the bullying tactics of the big institutions,” the Gibson family’s attorneys told The Daily Wire in a statement. Read more…

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