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Major Endorsement: Speaker Backs Trump’s Presidential Comeback Bid

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson made a decisive announcement during a Tuesday morning appearance on CNBC, lending his full support to former President Donald Trump as the ideal choice for the 2024 GOP nominee. When questioned on the show about his endorsement for the Republican nominee in 2024, Johnson unequivocally threw his weight behind Trump.

Expressing his unwavering support, Johnson stated, “I have endorsed him wholeheartedly. Look, I was one of the closest allies that President Trump had in Congress. He had a phenomenal first term those first two years, as you all know, we brought about the greatest economic numbers in the history of the world, not just the country, because his policies worked and I’m all in for President Trump.”

Johnson’s allegiance to Trump was unmistakable as he highlighted their past alliance in Congress and praised the significant economic achievements during Trump’s initial tenure. He firmly asserted, “I expect he’ll be our nominee. Yeah. And he’s gonna win it and we have to make Biden a one-term president,” encapsulating his confidence in Trump’s potential candidacy and emphasizing the goal of limiting President Biden’s term to one.

The Speaker’s unreserved endorsement on national television signifies a clear and resolute stance, indicating his belief in Trump’s capacity to secure the Republican nomination for the upcoming 2024 elections. Johnson’s words conveyed not just support but also an unwavering confidence in Trump’s capabilities, pointing to a collective objective among Republicans to bring Trump back into the political arena and potentially oust the current administration from the White House.

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