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Mayorkas Admits Shocking Truth: 85% of Migrants Set Free

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, known for repeatedly assuring the American public that the southern border is “closed” or “secure,” recently revealed a startling admission during a private meeting with border agents in Texas. Sources indicate that Mayorkas acknowledged that “above 85%” of migrants apprehended at the southern border are being released into the United States, contrasting earlier statements where he suggested the release rate could be around 70%. This revelation sheds light on a discrepancy between official claims and the reality faced by border agents, who have long suspected the actual numbers to be higher.

Mayorkas’ apparent honesty might be attributed to the pressure he faces, including the possibility of an impeachment hearing in the House. Critics argue that both Mayorkas and President Biden have been derelict in their duties, contributing to a crisis at the border. The erosion of public trust, exacerbated by false assurances, has led to declining approval ratings for the administration. Despite Mayorkas’ candid acknowledgment in a private setting, he continued to perpetuate misleading statements in a subsequent public press conference.

During the press conference, Mayorkas claimed, “the majority of all Southwest Border migrant encounters throughout this Administration have been removed, returned, or expelled.” Critics argue that such statements are contradicted by the secretary’s private admission to border agents. The practice of “paroling” illegal migrants into the country under Biden’s authority, with limited vetting due to resource constraints, raises concerns about national security and effective immigration management.

The complexity of the situation is compounded by the changing demographics of migrants, with individuals from China, Turkey, Afghanistan, Russia, and other regions arriving daily. Mayorkas, however, has not presented a comprehensive plan to monitor and assess the activities of these diverse groups, particularly concerning given the influx of military-age single males. Critics contend that the crisis is rooted in Biden’s policies and decisions from the beginning of his term, emphasizing that addressing the situation necessitates a change at the highest level of leadership.

Despite calls for Mayorkas’s impeachment, skeptics argue that such proceedings may face significant obstacles in the Senate, where Democrats are unlikely to convict and remove him from office. The fundamental problem, they argue, lies with President Biden’s policies, and the ultimate solution can only be achieved through the electoral process. Nonetheless, some see the potential impeachment of Mayorkas as an opportunity to bring further attention to the challenges created by the current administration.

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