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Cruz’s Bold Prediction on SCOTUS Ruling for Trump

In a recent episode of the “Verdict” podcast alongside co-host Ben Ferguson, Senator Ted Cruz shared his perspective on the ongoing legal battles concerning former President Donald Trump’s eligibility to remain on the Colorado ballot. Cruz expressed confidence that Trump will prevail at the U.S. Supreme Court, highlighting the absence of insurrection charges in the criminal cases against him regarding the alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 election results.

Cruz underscored that the Supreme Court’s decision to hear the case followed the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling, which deemed Trump ineligible due to an alleged involvement in an insurrection on January 6. However, Cruz emphasized his belief that the U.S. Supreme Court’s opinion will not specifically address whether an insurrection occurred on that day.

Drawing attention to the multiple criminal cases where Trump has been indicted, Cruz highlighted the absence of any insurrection charges against the former president. He pointedly referenced the case led by Special Counsel Jack Smith in Washington, D.C., noting the predominance of Democrats in the jury pool and the judge’s liberal leanings, yet highlighted the lack of any insurrection-related indictment against Trump.

Cruz reiterated that the absence of an insurrection charge against Trump is rooted in the absence of substantial evidence to support such a claim. He highlighted Trump’s public statements on the day in question, emphasizing that Trump’s remarks encouraged peaceful behavior, which, in Cruz’s legal assessment, doesn’t align with the legal definition of insurrection.

The senator argued that the term “insurrection” holds legal significance and requires substantial evidence to support such allegations. In Cruz’s view, the failure to charge Trump with insurrection in any legal jurisdiction underscores the insufficiency of evidence to sustain such a claim, indicating that legally, the notion doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

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