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McCarthy ‘Confident’ Jim Jordan Will Have Votes for Speakership

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy expressed his confidence in Rep. Jim Jordan’s prospects of becoming his successor during an interview with “FOX & Friends.” McCarthy highlighted Jordan’s integral role in helping the Republican Party regain the majority in the past and underlined the challenges Republicans face in the upcoming speaker selection. McCarthy specifically criticized the eight Republican members who worked with Democrats to remove him from the position of speaker.

While Jordan secured the nomination for speakership on Friday during a Republican conference vote, his path to becoming the speaker faces obstacles. Jordan will need to sway 55 Republicans who had initially indicated they would not support him during the floor vote in a secret ballot.

McCarthy questioned the political decisions that led to the disruption in government operations and voiced his concern for service members who would have been affected if the government had shut down. He highlighted the absurdity of a few individuals working with every Democrat to create such a disruption.

Jordan’s journey to secure the nomination was a roller coaster on Capitol Hill. McCarthy initially lost the post in a vote pushed by Rep. Matt Gaetz. House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, the Republican conference’s initial choice to replace McCarthy, withdrew from the race, allowing Jordan to rise to the nomination.

A second vote to assess support for Jordan on the House floor saw 55 Republicans opposing him, although Rep. Austin Scott, who initially challenged Jordan for the nomination, later threw his support behind Jordan after losing the earlier vote.

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