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Media’s Big Lie Exposed: Missouri v. Biden Unveils Truth

The Missouri v. Biden case provides compelling evidence that Big Tech and the federal government colluded to suppress free speech on social media platforms. Numerous emails, documents, and statements reveal the involvement of federal agencies, including the White House, in pressuring social media companies to silence American citizens on topics such as Covid-19, elections, and criticism of the Biden administration.

In his ruling, Judge Terry Doughty confirmed that the attorneys general who brought the case are likely to succeed, as they demonstrated that the government exerted pressure on social media companies to suppress free speech. The government flagged posts and provided directives to the companies, effectively muzzling the voices of Americans. Doughty’s ruling supports the claim that the government violated the First Amendment by pressuring these companies.

Despite the mounting evidence, corporate media outlets have consistently downplayed conservative claims of censorship by Big Tech. They dismissed concerns over online censorship, claiming that it did not violate the freedom of expression. However, Pew Research found that most Americans believed social media sites censor political viewpoints, contradicting the media’s narrative.

The revelations of the “Twitter Files” confirmed suspicions of government involvement in censorship. While corporate media either ignored or mocked these revelations, Missouri v. Biden provided substantial evidence of a far-reaching and widespread censorship campaign. It was not a couple of isolated incidents but a targeted suppression of conservative ideas, demonstrating clear viewpoint discrimination.

Judge Doughty emphasized that the suppression of conservative speech violated the First Amendment, which was designed to protect an uninhibited marketplace of ideas. The federal government and Big Tech, with the complicity of corporate media, have infringed upon Americans’ right to engage in free debate on important issues. This case exposes the partisan nature of the censorship campaign, with conservative viewpoints being specifically targeted.

The Missouri v. Biden ruling highlights the urgent need to protect free speech online and ensure that the marketplace of ideas remains open and unbiased. The collusion between Big Tech and the federal government represents a grave threat to the principles of free expression and the democratic values upon which this nation was founded.

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