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Mind-Blowing Solution Unveiled: Fixing Disney’s Troubles

Disney, once known for its creative and quality content, has fallen into a destructive cycle of destroying valuable intellectual property. After the death of Walt Disney, the company experienced a creative slump but eventually regained its footing with films like The Little Mermaid. However, instead of focusing on creating original content, Disney shifted its strategy and started acquiring other people’s creative assets such as Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel.

This shift in focus prioritized quantity over quality. The company flooded its streaming service, Disney+, with numerous Marvel series, most of which lacked substance. The Star Wars franchise also suffered greatly, with no new movies in production for the past six years. The latest Indiana Jones movie, projected to lose millions of dollars, features an unbelievable scene where a young woman beats up an elderly Harrison Ford. Even Pixar, once known for its unique storytelling, seems to have lost its identity under the current management.

Adding to the decline, Disney embraced woke ideology, damaging its brand and alienating many of its loyal fans. The company’s leadership, driven by financial motives, failed to prioritize creative excellence. The CFO, responsible for financial decisions, treated entertainment properties as mere commodities to be bought and sold for profit.

What Disney truly needs is a Chief Creative Officer who can prioritize content quality and originality. This individual should embody the spirit of Walt Disney and focus solely on creating exceptional entertainment experiences. Steve Jobs, during his time at Apple, exemplified this approach as a “consumer ombudsman.” He prioritized building high-quality products and trusted that profitability would follow. Disney should seek a similar leader who can champion creative excellence and bring the company back to its roots.

However, for Disney to embark on a path of self-improvement, it must first acknowledge the need for change. Shareholders, who hold the power to influence the company’s direction, should demand a transformation within the House of Mouse. Fixing Disney requires a commitment to quality and a willingness to prioritize creative content over financial gains. With the right leadership and a renewed focus on originality, Disney can regain its position as a premier entertainment brand.

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