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Morning Shock: Maui Tragedy Underscores Crucial Pro-Second Amendment Stand

Returning just in time for the first chaotic Republican family debate might not have been the most strategic choice, but duty called after a six-day hiatus. Gratitude extends to Kevin and Chris for stepping in while I enjoyed time with my daughter and family. During these past few days, the news took a backseat to the Cubs-Tigers game I attended on Monday night.

Catching up on current events and learning about the dire situation in Maui reignited my frustration with the disturbing partnership between leftist American politicians and the biased media, often dubbed the “enemy of the people.”

Hawaii is a hotbed of leftism, heavily influenced by far-left ideologues. Whenever there’s a misguided decision to be made in the name of the Climate Cult, you can bet it’ll be made. As pointed out recently, this played a significant role in the Maui tragedy. While about 85% of wildfires are human-caused, the culprits aren’t carbon emissions but rather the failure to take precautions around fire sources. In Maui’s case, a dangerous mix of severe drought, high winds from an offshore hurricane, and a spark from a downed power line ignited bone-dry brush, resulting in a fire racing across the island at 60 MPH.

The Hawaiian state government’s obsession with renewable goals blinded them to the risk of wildfires, ultimately costing them dearly. The failure of those in leadership positions in Maui is staggering. A colleague highlighted some of these issues, including a disastrous alarm system that wasn’t activated, leaving many questions unanswered. The former Maui disaster chief’s response, implying that those who perished would have died anyway, only deepened the shock.

Turning to current headlines, it’s intriguing to observe the unwavering faith that leftists place in the government’s ability to make the right decisions when crucial moments arise. This blind faith has blossomed, particularly since the onset of the pandemic. If Anthony Fauci had instructed them to stand outside naked until further notice, they likely would’ve complied, all in the name of “SCIENCE!”

Interestingly, the only authority that leftists inherently distrust is the police, though even that stance has shifted with the backlash against the “defund” movement. Regardless, their “just wait for the police to show up” argument remains a mainstay. However, recent events have shown that relying solely on authorities isn’t prudent. It’s not that I distrust law enforcement; rather, it’s the other authorities responsible for funding them that I’m cautious of. When resources are scarce, problems inevitably arise.

Placing blind trust in any level of government isn’t a wise strategy. It’s far more prudent to be prepared for the worst, especially as societal breakdowns become more apparent due to bureaucratic failures and the rise of pro-criminal institutions. In times like these, it’s essential to do everything within our power to protect our loved ones, acknowledging that our personal safety isn’t solely in the hands of the authorities.

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