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MSNBC Guest Says White Voters Are “Worse Than ISIS”

MSNBC regular Malcolm Nance, who has spent 36+ years in US intelligence, told Zerlina Maxwell on Wednesday night that around 30% of the country are white extremists and they’re part of an “insurgency” that “we may have to fight.”

…Here we have a US intelligence analyst, who has admitted previously to torturing hundreds of people on behalf of the DC regime, suggesting that white Americans who voted for Trump are part of a terrorist “insurgency” that needs to be put down with force and he’s preparing MSNBC viewers to fight (and presumably kill) their neighbors.

DHS head Alejandro Mayorkas expressed similar views last year when he said that “extremist” white Americans support the Taliban and are poised to carry out terror attacks at any moment.

The FBI has been manufacturing fake terror plots to bolster this narrative and the media has been using fake data to hype the phony threat. Read more…

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