Nancy Pelosi Explains How Democrats Will Perform in the Midterms

During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, Pelosi displayed optimism that could be easily interpreted as delusionment.

Pelosi, 82, predictably made a dig at Donald Trump, suggesting the show should bleep out his name.

“I believe that we will hold the House,” Pelosi said to applause.

“We will hold the House by winning more seats. We won the 40 seats, then we lost some when Trump was on the ballot, we lost some on the Trump districts, but we held enough seats to hold the House with him on the ballot. He’s not on the ballot now,” the Speaker added.

After mentioning Trump, Pelosi apologized for uttering his name.

“Oh, did I say his name? I didn’t mean to,” Pelosi said.

Colbert retorted: “We’ll have the videotapes fumigated.” Read more…

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