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NBA Star Takes Stand Against Woke Nike

Jonathan Isaac, the forward for the Orlando Magic, has garnered attention for his decision not to kneel during the national anthem while his teammates chose to do so. Now, he is making headlines again as he launches his own athletic apparel brand called UNITUS, which is grounded in his Christian faith and American values, offering an alternative to woke retail brands like Nike.

Isaac’s decision to stand during the anthem and create his clothing brand stems from his belief that kneeling or wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt won’t bring real solutions. Instead, he believes in the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to address societal issues, including racism. By standing up for his faith, he aims to share the message that the gospel can be a transformative force for positive change.

He explains that buying products from woke companies amounts to supporting their leftist politics and progressive messages. As a result, he wanted to provide freedom-loving and faith-oriented Americans with the option to purchase products aligned with their values. UNITUS is intended to be a platform for such individuals to express their beliefs through their clothing choices.

UNITUS stands for faith, family, and freedom, with its logo design inspired by the Ark of the Covenant. The initial clothing line offers leisurewear like hoodies, sweatpants, and t-shirts, with plans to introduce a signature sneaker that Isaac will wear during the upcoming NBA season. He envisions expanding the brand to cater to multiple sports and customers of all ages.

Despite facing criticism and negativity, Isaac believes that people respect him for standing up for his convictions and taking action. His focus remains on the positive impact he can make through UNITUS and celebrating the values that matter to him. He emphasizes that his brand is not about opposing others or promoting hatred, but rather celebrating the validity of their values and offering an alternative for those who share similar beliefs.

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