New Senate Forecast Shows Three States Slipping From Dems

With the midterm homestretch underway, Republicans appear to have momentum on their side in their quest to flip the Senate as three states move in their direction in a key forecast.

RealClearPolitics’s Senate projection recently moved three battleground Senate races to the GOP: Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada. Meanwhile, FiveThirtyEight has tightened its projections for the Senate amid a deluge of polling showing the Republicans gaining ground.

“Was a bit skeptical of the GOP poll surge before, but I think the evidence for it is now pretty convincing, and if anything I’m more bearish on Democratic chances than our model is,” FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver tweeted.

FiveThirtyEight gives Republicans a 45% chance of winning the Senate, which diverges from RealClearPolitics’s projection that the GOP will secure a 53 to 47 seat majority in the lower chamber. Read more…

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