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Newsom in Hot Water Again: New Recall Sparks Chaos!

A group of activists, including those who previously sought to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom in 2021, is launching a fresh attempt. Rescue California, the citizen-led group spearheading this effort, plans to serve Newsom’s office with recall papers. The group accuses Newsom of neglecting California’s issues, citing a $73 billion budget deficit, public safety concerns, immigration challenges, and education crises. They argue that Newsom’s focus on national politics, particularly his role as a campaign surrogate for President Joe Biden, has diverted attention from pressing state matters.

Anne Dunsmore, a campaign director for Rescue California, expressed concern over Newsom’s policy decisions, including substantial spending on the homelessness crisis with limited impact, learning gaps resulting from prolonged school closures, and criminal justice reforms contributing to rising crime rates. More than 400 Californians have joined as proponents of the latest recall effort. The organizers contend that Newsom’s priorities and policies are detrimental to the state’s well-being.

In response, Newsom’s office emphasized that they take the recall effort seriously. Nathan Click, a spokesman for Newsom, framed the recall attempt as an agenda by “Trump Republicans” targeting the governor due to his defense of democracy and efforts to support the reelection of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Click asserted that Newsom remains committed to these causes, indicating that democracy is at stake.

Despite concerns and significant funding for the 2021 recall campaign, Newsom successfully defeated the movement, securing 61.9% of the vote. The recall proponents faced challenges in generating sufficient voter turnout, especially among Democrats, during a surge in COVID-19 cases. Rescue California plans to target supporters through mail rather than relying on signature gatherers near stores and shopping centers. To qualify for a recall, petitions must secure signatures equivalent to 12% of the last gubernatorial election turnout, requiring nearly 1.38 million signatures for this new attempt.

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