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Newsom Shrugs at Hunter Biden’s Business Deals with Dad

California Governor Gavin Newsom has faced questions regarding allegations surrounding Hunter Biden’s business deals and the influence of his father, President Joe Biden. During an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, Newsom downplayed the significance of these allegations and likened such influence peddling to common practices across various industries.

Bash brought up the issue, pointing to Republican efforts to launch an impeachment inquiry into President Biden based on claims that Hunter Biden leveraged his father’s name for lucrative business dealings. Bash inquired about Newsom’s perspective on the matter, asking if he saw any impropriety in these actions.

In response, Governor Newsom stated that he was not well-versed in the specifics of the situation but acknowledged some awareness of the allegations. He suggested that such influence-peddling practices were not unique to politics but could be found in various industries, where individuals seek to use family relationships for personal gain.

Newsom emphasized that while he didn’t support such practices, he viewed them as a widespread issue. He criticized the idea of launching an impeachment inquiry over this matter, characterizing it as an overreaction. In his view, the allegations were not substantial enough to warrant such a drastic response and compared the situation to “student government.”

The governor concluded by expressing his belief that the focus should be on more significant and pressing issues rather than what he perceived as a relatively minor matter in the grand scheme of government affairs.

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