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Outrage: Veterans Demand Accountability From Defense Department Now!

More than 200 military veterans and current service members have united to publish a “Declaration of Military Accountability” on January 1, expressing profound concerns over the Department of Defense’s handling of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate and asserting a call for accountability and adherence to constitutional rights.

In a symbolic nod to the Declaration of Independence, these individuals underscored America’s current juncture, urging a call to address the nation’s affairs mired in corruption and institutional shortcomings, particularly within the Department of Defense. The Declaration does not seek separation from the government, unlike the patriots of 1776, but endeavors to effect restoration through adherence to accountability.

The document explicitly criticizes the Pentagon’s execution of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, highlighting alleged breaches of law, infringement of constitutional rights, lack of informed consent, and the suppression of religious freedoms. It sharply emphasizes the resulting hardships faced by service members and their families, leading to financial, emotional, and physical suffering, including homelessness among veterans, debilitating vaccine injuries, and tragic loss of life.

Criticizing the apparent silence of military leaders in response to communications regarding these adverse outcomes and alleged breaches of laws, the signatories condemn the leadership’s failure to acknowledge and rectify the harm caused, demanding accountability from named officials involved in enabling what they term as ‘lawlessness.’

The Declaration pledges a collective commitment among the signatories, comprising active service members and veterans, to pursue lawful means to hold accountable military leaders allegedly complicit in these actions. Their intended actions span a spectrum, from seeking positions within the executive branch to advocating for legislative measures aimed at accountability for military leaders who breached the law.

The signatories vow to leverage their legal authority to recall retired military leaders accused of breaking the law, convene courts-martial for their alleged crimes, introduce legislation to curtail retirement income for those implicated, and ensure that none serve or retire from the Senior Executive Service.

Firmly rooted in their oath to uphold the Constitution, the signatories express their intent to pass on lessons learned and instill a culture of vigilance and accountability for future generations, reaffirming their steadfast commitment to restoring the rule of law and upholding the nation’s principles of justice and liberty.

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