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Outrageous Accusation: The View Claims All White People Guilty

On Monday, ABC’s The View, known for its liberal perspectives, stirred controversy with its reaction to Florida adopting new standards for black history courses. The co-hosts pushed misinformation, including racist claims made by Sunny Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg.

During the show, Whoopi Goldberg questioned the involvement of black scholars in crafting the curriculum, suggesting they didn’t consult with African Americans and that they consider slavery a lie. Hostin, an anti-white racist, expressed her views on how slavery continued even after it was abolished, emphasizing the wealth gap and inequality faced by African Americans throughout history. She attacked all white people, accusing them of continuing to benefit from slavery and showing no regard for their denial of involvement in it.

Goldberg further insinuated that Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida was trying to bring back slavery. She defended the importance of knowing American history to avoid repeating mistakes and berated DeSantis for his alleged stance on the matter.

Conservatives are appalled by The View’s racist and inflammatory rhetoric, seeing it as an attempt to perpetuate division and victimhood in society. They argue that portraying all white people as beneficiaries of slavery is not only factually incorrect but also fuels animosity between racial groups. Additionally, conservatives are concerned about the show’s misinformation and lack of regard for historical accuracy.

Sponsorship by CarShield and Ensure has raised eyebrows among conservatives, who criticize these companies for supporting a show that promotes divisive and inaccurate narratives. They argue that these sponsors should reconsider their affiliation with The View and prioritize values that promote unity and accurate representation of history. Conservatives emphasize the need for open and honest dialogue, rejecting any attempts to rewrite history for political agendas.

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