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Outrageous! Judge Blocks Law Shielding Kids from Transgender Procedures

In a blow to efforts aimed at safeguarding children from life-altering transgender procedures, a federal judge in Tennessee has issued a partial block on a law intended to protect minors. This ruling follows a trend set by other federal judges who have struck down similar protective laws in various states. U.S. District Judge Eli Richardson granted a temporary injunction against the ban on administering cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers to children, treatments known to have significant and lasting effects. Notably, Richardson did not block the provision in Tennessee’s law that prohibits double mastectomies on girls identifying as boys or other genital procedures.

In his ruling, Richardson emphasized the need for Tennessee to regulate access to certain medical procedures in a manner that respects the rights conferred by the United States Constitution. He asserted that the state had likely failed to achieve this balance with the specific provisions outlined in SB1, the law in question. While the injunction temporarily halts the law’s implementation, which was set to take effect on July 1, it will be held pending the resolution of a lawsuit against the legislation. The judge’s decision received criticism from Republicans in the state, who remain steadfast in their determination to continue fighting for the protection of children.

House Majority Leader William Lamberth, the author of the law, expressed disappointment with the ruling, calling it a sad day for Tennessee. Lamberth stressed the importance of safeguarding innocent children and highlighted the dangers of an ideology that promotes the abuse and chemical castration of young individuals. Despite the setback, he commended the General Assembly’s wisdom in passing legislation that will still safeguard children from gender-altering surgeries starting July 1. Lamberth affirmed that Tennessee Republicans would vigorously appeal the decision to the highest court in the nation.

Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson, who sponsored the bill in the state Senate, expressed gratitude to Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti for his commitment to appealing the ruling. Johnson firmly believes that the legislation passed is constitutional and crucial in protecting children from irreversible bodily harm. He reiterated their determination to fight and shield these young individuals from permanent mutilation.

Tennessee’s law came into existence following an investigation by Matt Walsh, host of the Daily Wire, who revealed transgender procedures being conducted on children at Vanderbilt’s Pediatric Transgender Clinic. Walsh, anticipating this outcome, stated on Twitter that it was not surprising for an activist judge to intervene in favor of such practices. He expressed confidence that this battle would eventually reach the Supreme Court, where he believes they will emerge victorious.

In response to Walsh’s tweet, Lamberth wished that Judge Richardson would take the time to watch Walsh’s thought-provoking documentary, “What is a Woman?” or engage in a conversation with Chloe Cole, a detransitioned young woman who now speaks out against the detrimental effects of transgender procedures. Lamberth emphasized that the decision should be reconsidered in light of the facts, asserting that the care provided is not gender-affirming but rather gender-destroying. He thanked Matt Walsh for his unwavering advocacy on this significant issue.

It is worth noting that a federal judge in Kentucky also recently blocked a ban on administering cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers to children, joining the ranks of judges in Florida, Indiana, and Arkansas who have made similar rulings.

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