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POTATUS Vacay Resumes: America Breathes Easy

Whew! That whirlwind trip certainly unfolded seamlessly, didn’t it?

“Yeah, his wisdom knows no bounds.”

The affection is undeniable.

His admirable and kind-hearted wife ensured his safe transition from Marine One to Air Force One…

…and I suppose he must have been rejuvenated by the flight to Tahoe, given the gracious use of the grand stairs for his disembarkation.

No stumble, no fumble!

Time to proceed to the lavish abode of the wealthiest citizens and engage in revelry.

Even when jet-setting for ostensibly virtuous reasons… um… what was the motivation for this journey again?

Right. Responding to a misfortune, thus assuming the role of “I feel your pain” emissary.

One person’s potato is another person’s po-TAH-to, or in Biden’s rhetoric: “My fire is your fire.”

Well, all this emoting and globetrotting can take a toll on an individual. While he might still possess a certain level of agility and fierceness… well, mostly the latter, he is certainly no longer in his prime.

Perhaps more akin to a mature turkey.

“If it’s Wednesday, then Rehoboth Beach it must be…?”

Certainly, not a single ounce of effort was spared to ensure POTATUS felt wholeheartedly embraced.

The locals radiated warmth akin to the still smoldering ground, deeply touched by POTATUS’ profound utterances…

…and goodness, did they ever yearn for him to be cognizant of their sentiments, face-to-face, as he found time to grace them with his presence.

What an illustrious president. I hope that the 81 million out there are basking in pride.

And I do wish Jill managed to capture numerous moments for the photo albums during the holiday season.

Oh, you know, they did introduce an extra stocking this time around.

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