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Rand Paul Unleashes Epic Critique on Democrat’s Impeachment

With the House Republicans considering an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, Senator Rand Paul criticized the Democrats for their past use of the process against former President Donald Trump. During an interview on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo, the lawmaker expressed that Republicans should take a different approach and avoid rushing into impeachment, as the Democrats did during the last administration.

Paul emphasized the need for continued investigation, especially regarding concerns surrounding the Biden family and the flow of millions of dollars from foreign nationals under questionable circumstances. He suggested that congressional investigators put pressure on the FBI to disclose information and locate the 17 audio recordings of Biden and his son, which were mentioned in an FBI document detailing allegations of a multi-million-dollar bribery scheme involving a Ukrainian oligarch.

However, the senator believed it would be premature for the GOP-led House to escalate their investigations to an impeachment inquiry. He stressed the importance of gathering sufficient evidence before moving forward with impeachment, ensuring that the American people are truly supportive of such actions.

Paul pointed out that during the Democratic-led House, Trump was impeached twice, first for alleged abuse of power and obstructing Congress related to Ukraine dealings, and secondly for “incitement of insurrection” following the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot. Both times, the GOP-controlled Senate acquitted Trump.

Now, with Republicans in control of the House, Speaker Kevin McCarthy suggested that investigations into Biden could potentially rise to the level of impeachment, providing Congress with greater power to access necessary knowledge and information. However, McCarthy stopped short of committing to an impeachment inquiry.

Senator Paul voiced his concerns about impeaching every president who comes forward and criticized the Democrats for setting a “terrible precedent” by impeaching Trump merely because they disliked him. He believes that such actions are not good for the republic and mentioned his opposition to indicting presidents, alluding to the charges Trump is facing in various investigations. Ultimately, Paul described all these actions as destructive to the country.

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