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Rogan and Musk’s Chilling Warning: Woke Virus Devastating Civilization

In the most recent installment of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Elon Musk voiced his concerns about the current state of San Francisco and the broader state of civilization. Musk placed blame on what he described as a “mind virus” that he believes is being disseminated by the woke left.

While expressing his concerns, the tech billionaire also encouraged people to maintain hope and continue efforts to steer society in a more positive direction. Musk questioned the philosophical underpinnings that have led to the perceived issues in San Francisco and the broader ideological indoctrination of Americans.

He pointed out that what might have originally been a niche philosophy has now gained a powerful information platform to spread its ideas widely, leading to the proliferation of what he referred to as a “mind virus” across the world. This, according to Musk, has had detrimental consequences, particularly visible when walking through downtown San Francisco, which he described as resembling “the end of civilization.”

The conversation began when Joe Rogan inquired about Musk’s motivations for acquiring the app known as X, previously named Twitter. Musk responded, suggesting that his decision was driven by concerns that the platform was negatively impacting civilization and causing corrosion. He emphasized the location of the platform’s headquarters in downtown San Francisco, which, despite the city’s natural beauty, Musk believed to be afflicted by severe issues, likening it to a “zombie apocalypse.”

Rogan acknowledged the reports of San Francisco’s challenges, noting that one cannot fully grasp the situation until they have witnessed it firsthand. Musk’s commentary on the state of civilization, the influence of ideologies, and the impact of social media reflects his perspective as a prominent conservative voice in the tech industry.

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