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Ron DeSantis Calls Gavin Newsom Out


Governor Gavin Newsom of California seems to be afflicted with a new condition: DeSantis Derangement Syndrome. Newsom, in many ways, is the polar opposite of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. While DeSantis governs a state with a beautiful climate and natural wonders, Newsom operates from the opposite end of the political spectrum.

Newsom has been quick to attack other red states, even using billboards to tout the “freedom” of California and promote the state’s abortion tourism industry. But his favorite target seems to be DeSantis and Florida. He has even purchased ad time in the Sunshine State, encouraging Floridians to move to California and embrace his way of life.

In response, DeSantis didn’t hold back when he confronted Newsom. He highlighted the challenges faced by the tarnished Golden State, pointing out the problems in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as the growing exodus of people leaving the state. DeSantis reminded everyone that California used to be a place of opportunity for middle-class Americans, attracting people from all over the country. However, Newsom’s tenure has overseen a massive exodus from the state.

DeSantis also noted that many of those leaving California are flocking to Florida. He questioned why people would choose to move from Southern California, with its excellent weather, to places like Jacksonville unless they were driven away by mismanagement and poor governance.

Furthermore, DeSantis delved into Newsom’s obsession with Florida, finding it perplexing. He couldn’t understand why Newsom would be fixated on a state that is doing well and effectively managed.

In a bold move, DeSantis challenged Newsom to step up and enter the 2024 election. He urged him to stop criticizing from the sidelines and actually run against President Joe Biden. DeSantis demonstrated that he possesses the same fighting spirit admired in Donald Trump but without the baggage that turns off many people.

DeSantis is willing to take on the other side without causing unnecessary divisions within the GOP. He proves himself as a leader who fights for his principles and stands up for his state, a quality that resonates with many Americans.

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