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Rubio: Israel Has the Ultimate Support in Washington, Period

Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio expressed his firm support for Israel, assuring that the nation would find the necessary backing in Washington D.C. He emphasized the readiness and mechanisms in place to provide that support. Rubio also acknowledged the complexity of addressing Hamas and urban warfare, particularly in the face of a well-equipped adversary relying on reservists, many of whom had just arrived in Israel.

Highlighting the critical role of Iranian support for Hamas, Rubio pointed out that dismantling Hamas requires addressing its state sponsor. The recent release of $6 billion to Iran by the Biden administration was a concern, as those funds could be diverted toward terrorism, destabilizing the region.

Rubio underscored the severe threat Israel faces, characterizing it as an enemy intent on Israel’s complete destruction. He highlighted the ruthlessness of Hamas, including the abduction and killing of innocent civilians and children, and emphasized the necessity of eliminating and severely degrading the group to prevent future atrocities.

In terms of regional dynamics, Rubio noted Hamas’ ambition to become the dominant Palestinian faction and its use of violence to gain popular support, making it imperative for Israel to ensure that Hamas remains a non-visible group. He asserted that the United States must stand with Israel against this “pure evil.”

Rubio acknowledged the historical pattern where support for Israel wanes after initial rallying, posing a challenge. He urged the importance of understanding that failing to eliminate or significantly degrade Hamas would result in repeated violence and possibly larger-scale atrocities.

In conclusion, Rubio stressed that confronting and defeating evil is essential to prevent its growth and spread, emphasizing the need to stop the current crisis to prevent further loss of life and bloodshed.

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