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Seattle Businessmen Take the Law Into Their Own Hands

We knew it would come to this. Liberal progressive policies have empowered criminals and weakened citizens, leading to a need for vigilante justice. Unfortunately, law abiding citizens have thus far been able to erect large concrete blocks in an attempt to protect their property.

“Individual businesses and residents are putting ecology blocks out as taking matters in their own hands because if they call the city and say there are RVs out in front of their business or out in front of their home, they can’t do anything about it,” business owner JW Harvey told The Seattle Times.

Anonymous Seattleites have hauled the massive 1 to 2-ton blocks – known as “ecology blocks” or “eco blocks” – using special equipment outside residential areas and in front of businesses to prevent RVs from parking and homeless encampments from forming.

In Seattle, crime and homelessness has skyrocketed, particular during the pandemic. Murders spiked by 61% in 2020 compared to 2019, notching the highest number of murders for the city in 26 years. As of April of this year, violent crime was up 32% compared to 2021, previous reports found. Read more…

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