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See What FBI Bigwig Quits Just Before Congress Probe

Leaving big-league politics is a lot like comedy: It’s all about timing.

FBI master-blaster Steven D’Antuono, the top official at the Washington, D.C., FBI office, quietly announced via his LinkedIn page that he had left the Bureau the day before.

“After a 26-year, 10-month career with the FBI, I chose to retire,” D’Antuono stated. “Yesterday was my last day.”

No warning? No Glen Deveron and Montecristo send-off? Huh.

BRAG-O-RAMA! I currently have some Glen Deveron Scotch and one Montecristo cigar, both of which were gifts. I can’t afford those things.
D’Antuono claims he decided to end his career to “spend more time with family.” His decision comes — coincidentally — as the new, Republican-led House of Representatives has promised to give the FBI a much-needed enema. Read more…

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