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Senator Cruz Reveals Shocking Details on Biden Investigations!

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said during his podcast on Monday that the key thing to watch for to determine if the Department of Justice is trying to protect President Joe Biden is if they try to keep the criminal investigation into Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, a separate issue altogether.

Cruz’s remarks on the “Verdict” come after Hunter Biden has been under criminal investigation for the entire length of Biden’s presidency, while Biden only recently came under criminal investigation over his handling of classified material while he was vice president in the Obama administration.

“There does still seem to be, to many of us, a disconnect between the prosecutor in Delaware with Hunter Biden and some of the tax issues and everything he’s looking into and now what’s happened with a special prosecutor that is looking into these classified documents,” co-host Ben Ferguson said. “When you start looking at these connections, the way that you’re describing them, is how are these two individuals not going to interconnect at some point and say, ‘Here, I have something you need to see, or you have something I need to see.'” Read more…

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