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Shock Alert: Sound of Freedom Sequel Targets Haiti Crisis

In a recent interview with Variety, Alejandro Monteverde, the writer and director of the highly acclaimed independent film “Sound of Freedom,” hinted at the possibility of a sequel that would delve deeper into the issue of child sex trafficking, this time focusing on Haiti.

Monteverde shared that there is considerable interest in exploring the subject more extensively, recognizing that the first film only scratched the surface. He indicated that discussions are underway about creating a sequel centered on the issue of child sex trafficking in Haiti. The original film, “Sound of Freedom,” became a major success, grossing over $173 million since its release in July, and telling the true story of Tim Ballard, a former government agent who founded Operation Underground Railroad to combat child sex trafficking in Colombia.

Despite its success, the film has faced skepticism from mainstream media and left-wing critics, with claims of it being a “conspiracy.” Monteverde, in response, debunked these misconceptions and criticized the mainstream media for sidelining the film’s real-life foundation, suspecting a deliberate avoidance of the film’s content.

The director revealed that his inspiration for the movie came after watching a news segment on child sex trafficking, which shook him deeply. Determined to address this critical issue, Monteverde initially drafted a fictional screenplay named “The Mogul.” However, upon meeting Tim Ballard and learning about his experiences as a former special agent, the direction of the film shifted towards Ballard’s real-life efforts against child sex trafficking.

Monteverde clarified that the film was completed before the emergence of QAnon conspiracy theories, underscoring that the intention was to spotlight the dire problem of human trafficking, especially involving children. The director expressed dismay over the negative press the film received, describing it as “heartbreaking.” He defended his collaboration with lead actor Jim Caviezel, who had personal connections to the film’s themes due to adopting children from China.

Regarding the possible sequel focused on Haiti, Monteverde explained that Tim Ballard’s work in Haiti was substantial but was not included in the original film due to its complexity. The director expressed a strong desire to highlight the origins and complexities of the child sex trafficking issue, underscoring the importance of tackling these critical subjects with an unflinching and compassionate perspective.

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